VIDEO just before the Banda accident came in front, a boat with a rudder was seen fighting with the waves

The video just before the boat accident in Banda has surfaced. A boat with a rudder fighting the strong winds and the waves of Yamuna is seen in it. It is clearly visible in the video that the boat has completely lost its control and the boat is drifting on the waves in the direction of the wind. There were more than 40 people in the boat. Of these, 13 people have somehow survived by swimming. More than 30 people are said to be missing. According to the survivors, all the missing have drowned and there is no chance of their survival.

About 50 people were going towards Fatehpur in the boat at around 2.30 pm on Thursday. The video has been made by Fatehpur itself. It seems that while the video was being shot, there was a scream in the boat. The boat was completely out of control.

Ajmesh (30) of IG village of Fatehpur, who survived after the boat sank, said that when the boat staggered, all the people slid and went in the direction of the water. The boat sank suddenly. He knew how to swim, so somehow he came out by swimming about 100 meters even in a strong current.

Big boat accident in Banda, 30 people drowned in Yamuna, operation in search of rest

It is said that every day hundreds of people from Marka Ghat cross the Yamuna river by boat and go to Fatehpur and Prayagraj. Sailors carry 40-50 people in a boat from one side to the other at a time. About 50 people were going towards Fatehpur in the boat at around 2.30 pm on Thursday. Due to the strong current of the water, the boat overturned uncontrollably in the middle of the stream and all the aboard were drowned in the water. Some people themselves survived by swimming, while some were saved by the tubes and bamboo kept on the boat.

Boat staggered due to strong wind, steering broken and more than 30 drowned in Yamuna

Villagers told that boaters do not land in the river when there are less than 40 people. Wait until the passengers are full. On normal days people have to wait for an hour or so. There are more riders in the festival, so there is no need to wait, but in the greed of earning more, more than 50 riders in boats take more than 50.

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