VIDEO: Joe Biden got confused on the stage, forgot to get off, a lot of joke is being made

US President Joe Biden has once again been embarrassed on the public stage. He was seen getting confused and forgot to get off the stage after finishing his speech on stage during an event on Wednesday. The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media. Although this is not the first time, they were seen handshaking in the air after a speech five months ago. At that time also the video of the incident had gone viral.

US President Joe Biden is in discussion for the second time in the last five months for his strange antics. When he started leaving the stage after addressing the seventh conference of the Global Fund, he suddenly stopped and stopped for a while. In the viral video, it looks like he is confused, Biden, who has turned 79, can be seen in the video that he is stuck and lost somewhere.

Actually, the occasion was the seventh conference of the Global Fund organized to raise funds to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. The program raised $14.25 billion, the highest ever for a multilateral health organization. In his address, Joe Biden said, “What matters at this time is it’s all about saving lives. Thank you for fighting against this. We will work with our partners to ensure that all communities remain healthy and strong. May people everywhere live with dignity.”

Biden was seen handshaking alone on stage

Even before this, Biden has come in the discussion about such antics. After giving a speech at the University of Pennsylvania in North Carolina in April this year, Biden turned back and was seen alone shaking hands in the air. Whereas, no one else was present on the stage with him. The video of this incident also became very viral on social media.

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