Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar: From the village of Rajasthan to the post of Vice President, even the difficulties could not break Dhankhar’s spirits

Jagdeep Dhankhar: Farmer son Jagdeep Dhankhar, who once forgot everything in the grief of the death of his only son, has become the new Vice President of the country today. He defeated the opposition candidate Margaret Alva by a huge margin of 346 votes. It was in the year 1994 when the death of his son at the age of 14 shook Dhankhar. This is the story of the 14th Vice President of the country, who was born in a small village Kithana in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, but always kept his eyes on the sky. Completed the journey from Supreme Court lawyer to Parliament and Governor of West Bengal to Vice President.

Jagdeep Dhankhar has been elected as the 14th Vice President of the country. He was voted in favor by 528 of the total 725 MPs cast. While the opposition candidate Margaret Alva could get only 182 votes. While choosing the NDA candidate, Prime Minister Modi had said that Jagdeep Dhankhar has excellent knowledge of the Constitution and is well versed in legislative matters. His becoming the Vice President will be beneficial for the country. These words of PM are enough to tell the personality of Dhankhar.

Jagdeep Dhankhar became the governor of West Bengal state in the year 2019. Despite facing strong opposition from the state government in Bengal, Dhankhar’s personality can be gauged from the fact that Mamata Banerjee had said that if the NDA had asked her once, she would have given her support to Dhankhar. TMC, however, refrained from voting in the election which went directly in favor of the NDA candidate.

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Dhankhar is a farmer’s son

Jagdeep Dhankhar was born into an agricultural family in a remote Kithana village in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Dhankhar, 71, has been active in public life for the past three decades. Dhankhar loved to play cricket during his school days. After graduating from Sainik School, Dhankhar reached Parliament from Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan for the first time in 1989 as a member of the Janata Dal Party. During this time he served as the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. In 1993, he reached the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Kishangarh in Ajmer district. In the year 2019, he was appointed as the Governor of West Bengal by the Central Government. Jagdeep Dhankhar also has a long legal journey in the Rajasthan High Court and the Supreme Court.

son’s death shocked

Jagdeep Dhankhar was married in 1979. Both had two children. The son’s name was Deepak and the daughter’s name was Kamna. But this happiness did not last long. In 1994, when Deepak was 14 years old, he suffered a brain hemorrhage. He was also brought to Delhi for treatment, but the son could not survive. The death of the son completely broke Jagdeep. However, somehow he managed himself.

Joined BJP in 2008

Dhankhar, who was associated with the Janata Dal and Congress, joined the BJP in 2008 after a gap of nearly a decade. He has supported the issues related to OBC, including giving OBC status to the Jat community in Rajasthan.

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