US Shooting Incident: The attacker had entered the supermarket wearing an army uniform, live streamed the incident of shooting 10 people mercilessly


In Buffalo, USA, on Sunday, an 18-year-old man entered the US supermarket and fired indiscriminately with a rifle. At least 10 people were killed in the attack, while three others were said to be injured. Officials have called it “racially motivated violent extremism”. Now the revelations that are happening in this incident are quite shocking. According to officials, the attacker had entered the supermarket wearing an army uniform, so that people did not suspect that he had come to shoot with a gun.


According to US security agencies, the attacker was wearing a Kevlar vest as a shield along with a military uniform. Along with this, he was also wearing a helmet, on which he broadcast the entire incident of mercilessly shooting people live with the camera mounted on it. According to reports, the attacker targeted mostly black buyers and employees at Tops Friendly Market. He broadcast the shootout on the streaming platform Twitch for at least two minutes. However, this platform immediately stopped its broadcast.

According to police, the attacker shot 11 black and two white men before surrendering. Later the police arrested him. He was also produced in a US court. However, he has denied all the allegations against him. Buffalo Governor Cathy Hochul said, “This man, this white supremacist, has committed a hate crime against an innocent community. I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars.

Police identified the attacker

The attacker has been identified as Patton Gendron, a resident of Conklin, New York, about 320 kilometers southeast of Buffalo. It is not yet clear why he came to Buffalo from Gendron Conklin to carry out the attack. In a post released on social media, he was seen putting his car in the parking lot of the supermarket.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said he shot four people near the store premises. In response, a security guard inside the store fired several shots and one bullet hit the gunman’s bulletproof jacket, to no avail. This security guard is a retired police officer of the Buffalo Police.

The assailant then shot dead the security guard and opened fire on other people in the store. According to reports, the police confronted the attacker after reaching the store. Gramaglia said, “At that time the attacker had pointed a rifle to his own neck. After this two officers asked him to put down the rifle.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said at the press conference, “This is one of the worst dreams any community can have and we are deeply hurt right now.” The pain that the victims’ families and all of us are feeling right now cannot be expressed in words.” Earlier, at a news conference, Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the shooting a “hate crime”. “It is a completely hostile act. This is a racially motivated hate crime by someone outside our community.

The White House took full details of the incident

In March last year, 10 people were killed in a similar attack at King Super’s grocery in Boulder, Colorado. Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden is receiving regular information on the incident and related investigations. He and First Lady Jill Biden have offered condolences to the victims and their families.