US Presidential Election 2020: How is counting and when will the results come?

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In the US, President Donald Trump and his anti-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden campaigned in the midst of the Corona epidemic. The US presidential election 2020 is being voted on among Corona. Biden has an edge in national and state elections, and the survey is speculating about his victory. However, no survey has predicted that Trump will lose.

The results based on the survey also cannot be reached because in 2016, all the surveys turned out to be wrong when they all predicted Hillary Clinton’s victory. Ballot was first voted in New Hampshire and now the world is eagerly awaiting the results of the US presidential election.

Let’s know about America’s election day and counting:

When will the counting of votes take place?

Like the Election Commission of India, there is no federal body in the United States that watches elections, rallies and results. Every state in America has elections according to the rules there. There is a stage, called processing, before the counting of votes. During this period, the voters’ hands are scrutinized, verification of documents and even scanning of ballots.

With this, in every state, the date is fixed according to there, whether it is a matter of vote through mail or in person. About 100 million people have already voted for the presidential election through voting and mail-in ballots. Whereas, another 6 crore people will vote in the voting to be held on November 3. Therefore, the processing of all these votes will take time and the result may be delayed.

So when and how will the winner know?

Votes will be counted within a week, but on poll night television exit polls are broadcast to tell who is winning, along with voter interviews and voting trends. This time due to the large number of voting through mail-in-ballot, it has not been clear who has emerged as the winner.

What did Trump and Joe Biden say about the polling process?

Trump has consistently accused the Democratic Party of fraudulent votes. Along with this, there are apprehensions about mail-in-ballots. He has also denied during interviews of several television channels that he will accept it if he loses the election. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have expressed doubts over voters’ intimidation and suppression but have been in favor of the mail-in-ballot process.

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