US Election LIVE: Will Trump be able to return or Biden deserves White House? Know every update related to the results

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As the number of votes in America is advancing, the contest is becoming interesting. Suspense is still prevalent over who the real people have chosen to hold the White House seat, but the results so far have shown that Democrat candidate Joe Biden is ahead of Republican candidate Donald Trump. In the US, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has gone ahead of his rival and President Donald Trump in key states Georgia and Pennsylvania, and appears extremely close to winning the election in a close contest.

After another round of counting in Georgia, Biden took the lead on the trump. It has long been a stronghold of the Republican Party. Biden now leads by 1096 votes. However, another twist here is that the count of votes in Georgia will now double. In this way, the result here may have to wait longer. In addition, Biden leads Trump by 5,587 votes in Pennsylvania. As of Wednesday night, Trump was leading in this state by more than 7,00,00 votes. At the same time, Biden also maintains a marginal lead in two other important states, Arizona and Nevada. To reach the White House, one must obtain 270 out of 538 ‘electoral college votes.

US Election Results 2020 Live Updates:

– Joe Biden led in Georgia in the American presidential election, but now it is reported that the votes will be counted again in Georgia. Let me tell you that Joe Biden was running ahead of Republican Party candidate and current President Donald Trump.

– Five states such as Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nevada will pass through the White House, which is why everyone’s eyes are on these states.

According to the latest estimates, Biden has received 253 ‘electoral college votes while Trump has received 213’. But some American media outlets have voted 264 to Biden and 214 to Trump. Trump, however, told a press conference at the White House that he would go to court against electoral misconduct. He alleged massive rigging in the election but could not produce any evidence to support his allegations. On Thursday, many US news channels interrupted their live telecast of Trump’s press conference.

Trump’s campaign team has already filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Nawada. He also called for a re-counting of votes in Wisconsin. Biden’s campaign team denied the allegations.

Biden told reporters in Delaware, ‘We are feeling very good with the way things are. We have no doubt that I and Senator Kamala Harris (Democratic Party nominees for the Vice Presidential) will win when the count is completed. Kamala Harris was also present with Biden during this period. Former Vice President Biden also appealed to the people to be patient till the counting of votes is completed.

US President Trump has claimed that if only the ‘valid votes had been counted, he would have easily won the thorny presidential election. Addressing a press conference at the White House on Thursday, Trump indicated that the outcome of the US presidential election would ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court as he planned to file a large-scale suit against the alleged rigging of the election.

Meanwhile, Trump’s election campaign official Matt Morgan said, ‘This election is not over yet. Joe Biden is presenting himself as the winner based on the results of the four states, but the final results are still far away. Jojia is moving towards the counting of votes again, about which we are confident that President Trump will lead.

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