Urfi Javed again targeted Chahat Khanna and Chetan Bhagat, said- ‘She goes to jail for Gucci bags and money..’

Actress Urfi Javed is often in the news on social media for her photos, videos and controversies. Urfi Javed’s fashion sense is liked in large numbers on one hand and on the other hand his style statement is also trolled a lot. Urfi was recently called a distraction by Chetan Bhagat and Chahatt Khanna also supported his point of view. In such a situation, Urfi has now targeted Chahat and Chetan without taking their names.

what is urfi’s caption

Sharing this video, Urfi wrote in the caption, ‘Women who go to jail for Gucci bags and money, marry men who need women half their age for company, who sell women’s clothes to men. He is said to be responsible for leading astray… He is more respectful than me. Till then some disrespectful pictures of me, enjoy. By the way, it is clear from this caption of Urfi that he has targeted Chahat Khanna and Chetan Bhagat.

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How is the reaction of social media users on clothes

Let us tell you that like always, mixed reactions are being seen on this post of Urfi. Urfi’s fans are calling her Insta Queen, while on the other hand she is also being trolled for her looks. Remind that Urfi Javed has talked about trolls many times. Urfi says that trolls don’t bother her and she always does what she likes. However, Urfi also says that sometimes he takes the words of trolls to heart.

Chahat Khanna took Chetan’s side

Urfi Javed and Chahat Khanna’s fight is old and recently Chahat Khanna had said on Chetan Bhagat’s statement, Chetan Bhagat is a very well known and respected person. I am glad that people have started saying so. Somebody started talking about it, people started opposing it. I don’t know but I read a line (spoken by Chetan Bhagat) that it is a distraction for the youth. He said it very well. She’s doing a lot. Okay. I think Chetan complimented her. Girls want to be a distraction. In a way, they have praised him. I don’t think he has said anything wrong.

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