UP Weather: Dry conditions from east to west except one district, 50 percent less rain than normal in 19 districts

Three months of monsoon have passed. Barring just one district, there are drought conditions in the whole of UP. From east to west, the entire state is yearning for normal rains. According to the latest data on the website of the Indian Meteorological Department till 6 pm on Tuesday, there are 18 districts of the state where so far this monsoon has received 60 to 78 percent less rainfall than normal. All these districts are in the Yellow Zone. At the same time, there are 19 districts where there is less rainfall by 50 to 59 percent than normal.

40 districts of the state are in the red zone. Less rainfall ranging from 20 to 59 percent has been recorded here. Rest of the districts are in green zone. But here too it has rained less than normal. Chitrakoot is the only district that has received 40 per cent more rainfall than normal.

45 percent less rainfall in the state now

So far this monsoon, Uttar Pradesh has received 40 per cent less rainfall than normal. There should have been 634 mm of rain by now. But now it is 347.4 percent. Of these, the districts of western Uttar Pradesh are yearning for the most normal rainfall. Here in Baghpat and Ghaziabad 78 percent of the normal, Jyotiba Phule Nagar, Rampur, besides Kanpur Dehat, Kushinagar, Jaunpur, Gautam Budh Nagar are the districts where more than 70 percent of the rainfall is below normal.

Government is taking reports every day

The state government is keeping a close eye on the monsoon. From the Chief Minister to the officers are reviewing daily. Rainfall data is also being taken every week from the Meteorological Department. Officials and the Meteorological Department are of the opinion that if this indifference of rain continues, then many districts of the state may have to be declared drought-hit.

Top ten districts with below normal rainfall

Baghpat: 78 percent less
Ghaziabad: 78 percent less
Rampur: 72 percent less
Jyotibaphule Nagar: Less than 72 percent
Kanpur Dehat: Less than 72%
Kushinagar: Less than 71%
Gautam Budh Nagar: Less than 71%
Jaunpur: Less than 70 percent
Shahjahanpur: Less than 67 percent
Sant Kabir Nagar: Less than 65 percent

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