UP: Crores of scams in PF of contract health workers, outsourcing agencies came under attack


Crores of rupees have been mixed in the Provident Fund (PF) of the contract workers of the Health Department. The outsourcing agencies deducted PF from the honorarium of the employees, but did not deposit that amount in the account. This case has come to the fore in 25 districts including Lucknow. In such a situation, Director General of Health Dr. Vedbrata Singh has directed all the CMOs and CMS to investigate the matter.


Employees have been deployed through outsourcing agencies for Kovid 19 and other programs in the Health Department. These agencies are selected by the District Health Committee, which is headed by the District Magistrates of the respective districts. The number of outsourcing employees in the state is more than 15 thousand. PF is deducted from their honorarium. But the outsourcing agencies deducted the PF amount from the employee’s share while paying the honorarium, but did not deposit it in the account. When such a case came to light in Lucknow, there was panic among the employees. Now such a case is being opened in every district.

The special thing is that many Chief Medical Officers issued notices to the agencies and informed about the matter to other high officials including the Director of National Health Mission, but all are silent on this issue. On the other hand, the employees’ unions are continuously complaining. Sources reveal that the agencies use the money deposited in the accounts of the employees for other purposes. When there is more pressure, some amount is deposited in the account. This game continues continuously with the connivance of health department officials.

EPFO account details disclosed

When an employee of Lucknow took out the details of EPFO ​​account, it was found that the amount for February and April was deposited in his account, but the amount for other months from March 2021 till now has not been deposited. The arrears of March to September 2021 have been deposited to the employee working in Gorakhpur. Not submitted after that. The amount of the Farrukhabad employee has not been deposited since September 2021. A similar game has happened in Bareilly as well.

Warning of action given with stop payment

In Lucknow, the amount of more than 200 employees has not been deposited in the PF account. On the complaint of the employees, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Manoj Aggarwal has stopped payment of outsourcing agencies from March. He has directed that the outstanding amount should be deposited in the PF account of every employee first. Then further payment will be made. Along with this, it has been warned that action will be taken if the outstanding amount is not deposited by May 15. Similarly, on May 11, the Chief Medical Officer of Sant Kabirnagar has issued a notice to the agency working in the district. It has been directed that the details of deduction and payment should be given within three days.

There was a stir when the notice was issued

In Bahraich, Shravasti, Gonda and Balrampur, money has not been deposited in the PF accounts of more than 700 employees. On the complaint of the employees, the PF commissioner has issued a notice to the outsourcing agencies. The Additional Director Health here has also sought a report from all the CMOs.

All the Chief Medical Officers and Chief Medical Superintendent have been instructed to talk to the agencies which have not deposited the amount in the EPF account and deposit the amount. Notices have also been issued to several agencies. Agencies will have to deposit the amount of employees in any case.

– Dr. Vedbrata Singh Director General Health

Complaints have been made many times regarding non-deposit of PF amount in the account of employees. The officials of NHM and Health Department had assured that the amount would be deposited soon. Agencies said that the dues would be deposited at the time of closing in March, but even after the passage of April, the amount has not been deposited. So there is resentment among the employees.

– Satchitanand Mishra, General Secretary Joint Health Outsourcing Contract Employees Association