UP: 682 new cases of corona came, 191 patients in Lucknow, infection rate quadrupled in 10 days


682 new cases of corona infection have been reported in the state. Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Amit Mohan Prasad said that on Tuesday, a total of 91,916 samples were tested in a single day in the state. Of these, 682 new cases came. A total of 11,64,53,352 samples have been tested so far in the state. The Additional Chief Secretary said that in the last 24 hours, 352 people and so far a total of 20,59,342 people have been cured of Kovid. At present, there are a total of 3,257 active cases of corona in the state. According to the Additional Chief Secretary, the work of Kovid vaccination is being done continuously. On June 21, 2022, 4,55,248 vaccine doses have been given in the state in a day.

The rate which was 1.04 percent on June 10 reached 3.82 percent on Wednesday

Corona is again increasing rapidly in Lucknow. The infection rate, which was close to one percent 10 days ago, has now started reaching four percent. In view of this, the Health Department has advised people to be alert and get vaccinated. According to the department, at present four and a half thousand to five thousand investigations are being done daily. It can be extended if needed.

In early June, the infection rate in Lucknow was less than one percent. On June 10, after five months, it once again crossed the one percent mark. The infection rate continued to fluctuate till June 19, but on June 20 it crossed two percent. The next day the infection rate was close to two percent, but on Wednesday the rate reached 3.82 percent.

191 infected including CMO found, highest after five months

After five months, on Wednesday, the maximum number of 191 patients were found in a single day of Corona in Lucknow. These include CMO Manoj Aggarwal. Earlier on February 13, 204 cases were reported. At the same time, 65 infected defeated the virus on Wednesday. With this, there have been 744 active cases of corona in Lucknow. The maximum number of 29 patients were found in Alambagh. 22 patients have been found in Sarojininagar, 19 in Indiranagar, 15 in Silver Jubilee area, 14 in Chinhat, 13 in Kaiserbagh. CMO Dr. Manoj Aggarwal told that at present a total of 18 patients are admitted in the hospitals. The rest are in home isolation. Most of the infected are asymptomatic.

Relief: Mostly infected in home isolation

According to District Surveillance Officer Dr. Milind Vardhan, it is a matter of relief that most of the patients are still in home isolation. Barring a few cases, the same patients are in the hospital, who have been admitted for any other treatment or surgery.

Fear of fourth wave not ruled out

According to Dr. D Himanshu, Medical Superintendent of KGMU, the increasing cases of corona should not be taken lightly. It’s been almost six months since the last wave. The gap between the two epidemic waves is about six months. In such a situation, it cannot be ruled out that the increasing cases may be due to the fourth wave of Kovid. According to him, a change in the nature of the virus has also been seen in the interval of six months. At the same time, after six months the antibodies made from vaccination and herd immunity also start decreasing. This could also be the reason for the increase in new cases of corona.

Very slow booster dose

People are not coming forward to take precautionary doses in Lucknow. In the age group of 45 to 59 years, about two percent, in the age group above 60 years, 20 percent and in the age group of 18 to 44 years, only about one percent have been given booster dose. Arrangements have been made to provide free booster doses only to healthcare workers and frontline workers and elderly people at government centers. For the rest, this dose has to be levied at the private center on paying the prescribed fee. This is also a major reason for the low dose speed.

date – case – infection rate

01 June- 32- .64

June 02- 40- .80

June 03- 46- .92

June 04- 30- .60

June 05- 17- .34

06 June- 32- .64

June 07- 33- .66

June 08- 27- .54

09 June- 36- .72

June 10- 52- 1.04

June 11- 46- .92

June 12- 69- 1.38

13 June- 57- 1.14

June 14- 52- 1.04

June 15- 72- 1.44

June 16- 75- 1.50

June 17- 82- 1.64

June 18- 95- 1.90

June 19- 87- 1.74

June 20- 132- 2.64

June 21- 97- 1.94

June 22- 191- 3.82

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