Unknown video call, cheated the elderly for Rs 3 lakh, like this two neighbors were made victims

A case of cheating of Rs 3.63 lakh from two neighbors living in Andheri through ‘nude calls’ has come to light. Amboli Police has registered an FIR in this matter. However, it is not clear whether the accused who duped both the victims is the same or different. In the first case, an 86-year-old man was made a victim. On July 28, in the afternoon, an unknown video call came on the old man’s mobile. When he received it, it was found that the collar was nude.

The accused captured the photo during the call of the elder and started blackmailing him. He threatened to put the old man’s picture on social media. Fearing this, the old man agreed to give him the money. The accused gave two bank accounts to the elderly and got Rs 2.99 lakh transferred. On July 29, the elderly lodged a complaint with the Amboli police station.

During investigation, the police came to know that a 58-year-old man living in the neighborhood of the elderly has also become a victim of similar fraud. He also had a video call from an unknown woman. After this, he had to pay 64 thousand rupees from the digital wallet. Amboli police have registered both the complaints in a single FIR.

A police officer said, we will find out who is running these bank accounts. The transactions done from two places are done to the same person or they are different.

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