Ukrainian embassies received ‘bloody package’ after explosion, animals’ eyes came out when opened

There has been a stir due to the discovery of ‘letter bombs’ in many places across Spain, including the Ukrainian Embassy in the capital Madrid. Ukraine’s foreign ministry said on Friday that several Ukrainian embassies abroad had received “bloody packages” containing animal eyes, after the ‘letter bomb’ case came to light. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolaenko said packages soaked in a liquid with a characteristic color and odor had been sent to several embassies. He said these packages were sent to the Ukrainian embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Italy, the consulate general in Naples and Krakow, and the consulate in Brno. He said that the eyes of the animals were kept inside these bloody packages. They are trying to understand its meaning.

“We are trying to understand these messages,” Nikolenko wrote in a statement on Facebook. He said Foreign Minister Kuleba has ordered all embassies and consulates to be kept under tight security. Six letter bombs have been sent to Spain this week. Including Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and the US Embassy in Madrid. After receiving the letter, Spain has increased the security of the embassies. Nikolenko further said that someone broke down the entry gate of the ambassador’s flat in the Vatican. A source at the embassy in Rome said someone left human excrement in front of the door. Nikolaenko also said that he had received a bomb threat to the embassy in Kazakhstan, which was later unconfirmed. He said the embassy in the US received a letter containing an article that was critical of Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that on Wednesday, there was an explosion at the Ukrainian embassy when an employee opened the letter addressed to the ambassador. However, the condition of the employee injured in the incident is not very serious. Immediately after the incident, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba ordered the security of all Ukrainian embassies to be increased. He also urged his Spanish counterpart to take steps for an immediate investigation. Spain’s national court is investigating the case as a terrorist incident.

Spanish officials said on Thursday that explosives were found in packages mailed to the country’s defense ministry building, the satellite center of an air force base on the outskirts of Madrid and a factory that manufactures hand grenades. The seizures came a day after a similar mailed ‘letter bomb’ detonated at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, he said.

Officials said a similar explosive was sent by ordinary post to Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on November 24, but was defused by the bomb squad. With this, five incidents of sending explosives through post have come to the fore in the last few days, he added. The Russian Embassy in Madrid on Thursday condemned the incidents related to the sending of ‘letter bombs’. The Russian embassy tweeted, “Any kind of threat or terrorist attack, especially those targeting embassies, is totally condemnable.”

Police said that all but one of the four letter bombs have been defused. Rafael Prez, minister of state for security at the interior ministry, said police were examining an explosive device and its packaging, which had been sent to an air force base to assist investigators. He said that preliminary investigation has revealed that all the five mails containing explosives were sent from within Spain.

Peres said security at public buildings had been beefed up after the discovery of letter bombs sent to the prime minister. He said that now the security system of the embassies has also been increased. Perez said that the name of Minister Margareta Robles was on the packet sent to the Ministry of Defense. It is noteworthy that since Russia’s military action, Spain has been providing military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Another packet containing explosives was sent on Wednesday evening to an arms factory in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza. He told that grenade launchers are manufactured in this factory, which have also been exported to Ukraine. The address of the director of the factory was written on the packet. A government official said that both the letter bombs found in Zaragoza and the embassy had the same e-mail address for the sender. He said that further investigation is being done in the matter.

Spain’s Defense Ministry said the package found at the air force base contained a suspicious item. He added that additional security forces have been deployed at the Torrejon de Arroz base, east of Madrid. The ministry said the packet was sent to the director of the European Satellite Center at the Air Force base.

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