Ukraine war: Chechen fighters killed their own wounded comrades and Russian soldiers in Bucha, Russia’s ninth senior officer lost his life


Chechen boys killed their own wounded comrades and Russian soldiers at Bucha. According to eyewitnesses, Chechen fighters shot dead their wounded comrades in the field hospital in Bucha. On the other hand, Russia’s ninth senior officer Major General Anton Simonov (55) was killed in Ukraine’s attack on a convoy of 30 vehicles near Izium.


The human rights ombudsman said Chechen fighters had set up a torture chamber in a glass factory on Yablonska Street. Meanwhile, Artem Hurin, deputy commander of Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces, said Chechen fighters killed wounded comrades in a field hospital in the northwest of Butcha. Quoting several eyewitnesses, Hurin reported that Chechen fighters would have brought wounded Russian soldiers to the field hospital and shot them dead instead of being treated.

Quoting a local woman who was raped by Russian soldiers, Hurin said hundreds of Ukrainians were tortured to death by Chechen and Russian soldiers. A squad of Chechen fighters, who called themselves Kadyrovitsy, began a massacre in the city on 5 March. He continued to hunt ordinary people until Bucha was again captured by Ukrainian troops on April 2.

At the same time, the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, said Chechen fighters had tied the hands of the prisoners. These were later found on dead bodies found in the city. After examining bodies found in mass graves, a UN investigative team found that many women were raped before and after their murders. agency

Fight intensified in Kherson

Russia’s defense ministry accused the Ukrainian military of shelling a school, kindergarten and cemetery in villages in southern Kherson, saying several civilians were killed in the attack.

Russian planes entered Sweden

Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultquist alleged that Russian An-30 propeller planes entered its airspace.

US with Ukraine against aggression: Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Parliament, Nancy Pelosi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday. Pelosi said that the US stands with Ukraine against the attack by Russia. Pelosi is the most senior US leader to reach Ukraine after Russia’s attack. Zelensky posted a video on Twitter in which he is greeted by a congressional delegation led by Pelosi outside the presidential office.

Whatever is needed for victory over Russia, will be given…

Pelosi and half a dozen US lawmakers met with Zelensky late Saturday for three hours. Speaking to reporters in Poland, Pelosi said Ukraine has faced Russia firmly. The United States will continue to provide military, humanitarian and financial assistance to Ukraine in its fight for good against evil. She commends the courage of the people of Ukraine and Zelensky’s leadership as a representative of the Congress. The Ukrainian people will get what they need to win over Russia.

Russia’s cyber soldiers targeting politicians: Britain

According to research conducted by the UK Foreign Ministry, Russia’s cyber soldiers are attacking foreign leaders who speak against it around the world. They are being made victims of propaganda on a large scale on social media. The British Foreign Ministry said a group of Russian cyber soldiers were operating from a factory in St. Petersburg.

He is running a propaganda campaign against critics of Russia through the Telegram messaging app. Traces of their activities have been found on eight social media platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok. The campaign is targeting several politicians in several countries including the UK, South Africa and India.