Two centers of power, the blame for defeat… If Congress becomes president, Ashok Gehlot will get a crown full of thorns

Congress is on the way to repeat history after two and a half decades. From the hands of the Gandhi family, once again the post of president can go to a leader outside the family. Leaders like Ashok Gehlot, Shashi Tharoor are going to contest for the post of president. The Gandhi family would thus be ousted from the post of president. Party strategists believe that through this it will help in removing the family tag on Congress. Apart from this, the party will also be able to achieve social equations. Not only this, this role will also be good for the Gandhi family because no evil will come in his account and he will also be able to manage the entire party from behind. There are some concerns about this though…

There will be two power centers in the party, difficult for the Gandhi family

Party insiders say that with the coming of a non-Gandhi president, there may also be a crisis of having two centers of power, as was seen during the UPA government. Even though the new president will be from outside the family, but the faith of hundreds of leaders is in the Gandhi family. It will be difficult for them to accept the new leader and in such a situation they may only follow the Gandhi family. This will create two centers of power and differences may also emerge. This situation will be worrying for the Congress, which has been in a difficult phase since 2014 and is facing electoral defeats.

How will the new president build trust in the whole country?

The Congress President is to be elected by 9300 Congress representatives. Winning this election is not a big deal, but the real challenge is to gain the confidence of the entire party and establish itself across the country. This challenge will be in front of the new president from day one. Talking about Ashok Gehlot, many of his counterpart leaders hardly give him the same respect as his attitude towards the Gandhi family. Till now the entire party used to run according to the faith of the Nehru-Gandhi family, but now how this pattern will change with the arrival of a new leader, it has to be seen. At every step, the family and workers will be challenged to Sadhna the new president.

Not much time is left for Lok Sabha elections

The first challenge before the new Congress President will be to tour the country and establish a connect with the workers as soon as he takes office. With this, the Lok Sabha elections are also coming and only 20 months are left. In such a situation, one has to establish himself and also get involved in the preparation of elections, it will be like a double challenge. Congress will enter the election with a new narrative, a new organization. It will be like a test for his organization. However, party strategists believe that in the condition it is in, there is probably no option left but to experiment.

If the defeat in 2024 will not last, the post will remain intact.

Congress has suffered a crushing defeat in two consecutive Lok Sabha elections. So this time the election is like a battle for survival for him. A big election strategist believes that the expiry date of the new Congress President is already fixed in a way. If he does not produce good results in the 2024 general election, then there is no guarantee that he will continue in office. While at the helm of the Gandhi family, all the leaders have been placing the responsibility on the state leadership or on themselves. But this will not happen with the leader outside the family and if the head of success is tied, then you will also have to listen to failure.

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