Twitter war broke out in Khattar and Captain about farmers’ Delhi journey, ‘If there is any problem on MSP, I will leave politics’

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On Thursday, there has been a ruckus on Twitter between Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar amid farmers’ ruckus over new agricultural laws.

Today, when Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh targeted the BJP-led Haryana government to stop the farmers marching towards Delhi and said that it is completely undemocratic and unconstitutional to use force against them.

After this, Haryana CM Khattar retorted and tweeted one after the other and said, “Captain Amarinder ji, I have already said and I am saying it again, I will leave politics if there is any problem on MSP – Therefore, please stop inciting innocent farmers.

I have been trying to contact you for the last 3 days, but sadly you decided to make a distance – it shows how serious you are about farmer issues? You are only tweeting and running away from the conversation, why?

The time for your lies, false propaganda is over – let people see your real face. Please stop endangering people’s lives during the corona epidemic. I urge you not to play with people’s lives – at least avoid cheap politics in times of epidemics. ”

Please tell that Captain Amarinder Singh had said, “Manohar Lal Khattar, for about 2 months, farmers have been protesting peacefully in Punjab without any problem. Why is the Haryana government using force to provoke them? Do farmers not have the right to pass peacefully through public highways?

It is a sad irony that the constitutional right of farmers on # ConstitutionDay2020 is being harassed in this way. ML Khattar ji let them go, do not bring them to the brink. Let them take their voice to Delhi in peace.

He said that I urge BJP to instruct their state government not to use brute force against farmers. The hands that feed the country should be held, not pushed.

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