Tremors again in Delhi-NCR, the intensity of the earthquake was 2.5; third time in a month

Earthquake tremors were felt once again in New Delhi on Tuesday night. According to the National Center for Seismology, a mild intensity earthquake hit Delhi on Tuesday night. The magnitude of the earthquake that occurred at 9.30 pm was 2.5. Its center was eight kilometers west of New Delhi. Tremors were also felt in the national capital.

Shared experience on social media

After the earthquake, people started sharing their experiences on social media. One user wrote that it seems that I have felt the tremors of all the earthquakes. Earthquake again in Delhi today. A user asked that there has just been an earthquake in Delhi, did anyone feel it? People also shared memes on the repeated earthquakes in Delhi. A user again shared a picture of Paresh Rawal’s character Babubhai in Hera Pheri, on which, addressing the earthquake, it was written – Phir se aa gaya re baba, tu ja re ja…

third time in november

Let us tell you that for the third time in a month, earthquake tremors have occurred inside Delhi. Even before this, Delhi has been shaken twice in this month. For the first time there was an earthquake on November 9, whose epicenter was said to be in Nepal. Its intensity on the Richter scale was said to be 6.3. After this, on November 12, the earth of Delhi-NCR was again shaken. This time also the epicenter of the earthquake was said to be in Nepal, while the intensity of the earthquake was 5.4.

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