Traitor, Bada Corona and… those 5 biggest statements of Pilot-Gehlot which spoiled the relationship with each other

This is about the year 2018. Congress won the Rajasthan assembly elections. The high command made Ashok Gehlot the CM of the state. Sachin Pilot got very angry with this. To remove the displeasure of the pilot, he was made deputy CM. And the phase of rhetoric that started from here is continuing till now. The rift between Pilot and Gehlot first came to light when Pilot asked to be seated next to the governor. In fact, after forming the government, at the swearing-in ceremony, Pilot wanted his chair to be placed next to the governor’s. Gehlot, who was going to take the oath of CM, had expressed displeasure over this matter. Gehlot had said that the post of deputy CM is not a constitutional post. The interesting thing is that Gehlot had to agree to the pilot and his chair was placed next to the governor.

Pilot was angry for not being able to become CM. Political experts believe that Pilot’s displeasure is not with the Congress high command but only with CM Gehlot. Shortly after the formation of the government, a gangrape incident came to light from Alwar. Sachin Pilot was the Deputy CM at that time. Pilot questioned the government’s law and order regarding this gangrape case. Pilot was seen besieging his own government on several occasions. But something happened in the year 2020 that made him more aggressive. Pilot rebelled with about one and a half dozen MLAs. After this incident, the displeasure of CM Ashok Gehlot and the Congress high command increased to a great extent. Pilot is a strong leader of the state, the Congress convinced him. But the rhetoric continued. Let’s understand those 5 biggest statements today which ruined the relationship between Pilot and Gehlot…


In the year 2022, CM Gehlot made such a statement on which even the Congress party was surprised. Gehlot termed the pilot as a traitor. In a TV interview, Gehlot said, ‘A traitor cannot become CM… The high command cannot make Pilot the Chief Minister. A man who does not even have 10 MLAs rebelled. He betrayed the party, he is a traitor. On this statement of Gehlot, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh had said that ‘some words were not expected’.

Taunt on the magician

At the end of the year 2022, Congress got a great happiness. Congress government was formed in Himachal Pradesh. This victory was seen as a miracle. This is because the Congress had to face defeat in the last several elections. On this victory, a journalist asked Sachin Pilot whether the magic of Himachal will happen in Rajasthan too? On this, Pilot gave such an answer which was like an attack on Gehlot. The pilot said, ‘Look, this magic doesn’t work. There is only one magician in this entire universe and that is the one with blue umbrella (Lord Shiva). Everything else is sleight of hand. Only the one above does magic. Actually, people also call CM Gehlot by the name of magician. In such a situation, this statement of the pilot was considered as a taunt on Gehlot.

big corona

January month of the year 2023. Sachin Pilot visited 5 districts of the state regarding the Kisan Sammelan. During this, Pilot targeted CM Gehlot regarding the paper leak case. Hitting back at Pilot’s sarcasm, Gehlot called him a “big corona”. Gehlot was talking to some people in a program. An employee leader present there told Gehlot that you do not meet us even after requesting. On this Gehlot said, ‘Now I have started meeting. Corona had come in the first election. A big corona has even come inside our party.

32 behind bars…

The pilots were very angry on Gehlot’s statement about Corona. Addressing a rally, Pilot said, ‘It is very important to balance the boneless tongue behind 32 bars. The words that come out of the mouth never come back. In politics, I have learned a lot from my late father. In the arena of politics, we have seen the big ones being beaten. On Gehlot’s statement, Pilot had said that he would be reprimanded. After this statement, the estrangement between the two increased considerably.

Why no action on BJP…

And the most recent statement was given by the pilot on Sunday. Pilot raised a question in front of his own party. Attacking CM Gehlot, Pilot said, ‘Why no action was taken against the corruption that took place in the state during the BJP’s tenure even in four and a half years?’ Asking this question to Gehlot, Pilot announced to sit on hunger strike. Just before the election, the Congress party seems to be angry about this statement of Pilot. On this statement of Pilot, veteran Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said, ‘The party has achieved historic achievements during the tenure of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. On this basis, the party will seek a fresh mandate from the people this year. In such a situation, it is believed that the Congress high command will field Gehlot as the CM face in the upcoming elections.

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