Traffic police snatched machine and ran away on challan

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You must have seen or heard many stories of people making new excuses to avoid invoices or arguing with policemen and quarreling, but this time a case of running away from a traffic policeman by snatching an invoice machine has come up.

According to the information, when a policeman driving a helmet bullet in Fazalpur located in Mandavali area of ​​Yamunapar was stopped by the traffic police to cut the challan, he started running with the e-challan machine from the soldier’s hand. Not only this, when the police chased him, the accused angrily smashed the machine into the ground and broke it.

The accused youth has been identified as Santam, a resident of Gandhi Nagar. The police have registered a case against him and arrested him. The incident is at Mother Dairy T-point of Mandavali at 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening. ASI Kailash Chand stopped a bullet-ridden youth without a helmet. A girl was sitting behind the bike.

The police asked him to deposit the challan amount while cutting his challan. He refused to pass the money on this. Sepoy Basant said that if there is no money for the challan, then he should submit the driving license and RC. This angered the accused and he escaped by snatching the e-challan machine from the hand of the soldier Basant.

When the policeman chased him and caught him, he broke the challan machine by holding it on the ground. After this, the police arrested the accused youth.

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Heavy penalty will have to be paid if traffic rules are broken

A look at the provisions and the amount of its penalty
Rule violation first now
1,000 5,000 for driving unlicensed vehicles
100 1,000 if seat belt is not installed
1,000 without insurance driving 1,000
Talking on mobile while driving 1,000 5,000
Drunken driving 500 10,000 six months jail (first time) 15,000 two years jail (second time)
500 10,000 for driving a minor
Overloading 100 2,000 on two wheeler (license suspension for three years)

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