Tobacco was being eaten near the Golden Temple, Nihangs put them to death; video going viral

A shocking incident has come to light near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. Where, in the early hours of Thursday, a person who was consuming tobacco near the temple was put to death by Nihangs. A waiter is also involved in the incident along with two Nihangs. The trio stabbed the man to death outside a hotel on Mahana Singh Road.

The incident happened just 800 meters from the Golden Temple. There are no restrictions on drinking or smoking in the area where the incident took place. The entire incident has also been recorded in the CCTV camera installed in the hotel and a video of the same is becoming increasingly viral on social media. At the beginning of the video, at around 1 pm, two Nihangs can be seen arguing with the man. After this, both of them attack Harmanjit Singh of Chattiwing village with a sharp weapon.

Police claim – the victim was intoxicated

One of the three people who attacked, Ramandeep Singh, a waiter, has been arrested by the police. Ramandeep Singh is a resident of Khalsa College, Amritsar. Ramandeep Singh is also seen in the video of the attack. Based on that, the police arrested him. Amritsar Police Commissioner Arun Pal Singh said, “According to the arrested accused, the victim was intoxicated and was consuming tobacco products. Seeing him, Nihangs objected to being near the Golden Temple. However, their claims are yet to be confirmed.

Arrested waiter claimed not to know Nihangs

At the same time, another police officer said that the arrested accused have claimed not to know both the Nihangs. After the attack, there was movement in the victim’s body and she is also seen getting up. This means that the victim’s life is not lost immediately. After not getting medical help overnight, he slowly died. Police have recovered the victim’s body in the morning itself. The victim’s family said that he had left the house after receiving a call on Wednesday evening.

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