TMC battling with mutual strife, atrocities committed to hide; BJP furious over police action

The BJP has accused the Mamata Banerjee government of committing police atrocities during its protests in Bengal. Senior leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that whoever tries to crush the opposition in this way and put them in jail, the public takes account of them. Your former party leader Indira Gandhi had imposed Emergency and had to face the consequences. Mamta ji, you had faced this during the rule of CPM, but you have gone ahead of them too. This is not showing your true nature. The former Union Minister said that you are a three-time CM, but do not know what has happened to you. If the person who himself fought the tyranny of the Left, if he is committing even more atrocities on the BJP, then something is understandable.

He asked whether this is happening because of mutual factionalism of TMC. Perhaps the opposition is being subjected to police atrocities to divert attention from factionalism in TMC. The more your government persecutes the BJP, the more it will progress. I have been a soldier of JP Movement. We were students during that time. Then Indira had made many efforts to stop JP, but could not stop that caravan. He said that in Bengal the Left and the Congress were cleared, but the BJP reached 77. Ravi Shankar Prasad said that I respect all the leaders including Shubendu Adhikari, Rahul Sinha, Dilip Ghosh, who showed courage in the face of this atrocity.

Traffic stopped on Howrah Bridge for the first time in history

Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Howrah Bridge was also stopped. This has never happened in history, when the traffic itself was stopped. He said that women have also been beaten up during the BJP’s protest. He said that 1000 of our workers were injured and 400 had to be hospitalised. 30 BJP workers are still in the hospital with serious injuries. He said that there is no rule of law in Bengal, but the voice of BJP will not stop against corruption and our struggle will continue.

It rained on Nitish Kumar, said – why don’t you get angry now

The BJP leader also attacked Nitish Kumar. He said that what will happen to you as soon as you come in the company of new friends. RJD minister’s son is saying that my government is of thieves and I am its leader. You used to get very angry with the BJP, we also know that. You used to get so angry that if you did not like something, you would not even come to Delhi. He did not even attend the swearing-in ceremony of the President.

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