Timur, who came from Uzbekistan, created terror in India, know what is the history of Samarkand; Modi going on tour

Prime Minister Modi is going to Samarkand city of Uzbekistan to attend the SCO summit. It is a very beautiful city and is also known for old mosques. The name of the city Samarkand, located about 300 km from Tashkent, means fortress of stones. Actually in Uzbek language Samar means stone and kand means fort. The importance of Samarkand in the history of India is because a robber who came from here had created a lot of terror and massacred the Hindus.

Genghis Khan and Timur Lang wreaked havoc in India

Genghis Khan and Timur Lang were the rulers of Uzbekistan. Both of these names are counted among the cruel rulers. Uzbekistan is named after Timur’s grandson Uzbek. Timur reached India in 1398. He wanted to loot wealth from India and hence was ready to go to any extent. He reached India via Afghanistan and massacred in Delhi. He stayed in India for about three months. During this, he looted many cities and massacred Hindus. He looted Delhi for four days and after his departure it is said that Delhi was ruined.

Timur’s grave in Samarkand

Timur, who looted and massacred in India, may be called a villain, but in Central Asia, he is considered a hero and a brave fighter. He was an expansionist Mongol ruler and occupied large parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. It is said that 20 million people were put to death for looting and expansion of the empire. Later, when he went out to attack China, he died. His grave is in Samarkand itself.

This city is important for Muslims and Christians

Samarkand is a city on the Silk Route. Uzbekistan is a Muslim majority country. There are many old mosques in Samarkand, so a large number of people from Central Asia reach here. It is said that the tomb of Prophet Muhammad’s cousin Ibn Abbas is also in Samarkand. The city is also important to Christians as the Bible states that St. Daniel also arrived here in his last days. That’s why along with Muslims, Christians, Jews also come here.

city ​​of tombs

Samarkand is called the city of tombs because there are many beautiful tombs here. It is said that there are about two thousand tombs here. People in this city, famous for the level of tourism, come to see the tombs.

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