Three more Naxals killed in Chhattisgarh

Maoist blow to blow & nbsp;

Chhattisgarh & zwnj; The Maoists in the state have been hit hard in a row. The police are carrying out a massive strategy to uproot the Naxals. Search & zwnj; Operation Maoists is doing without a squint on the eye. Within weeks, the Maoists were killed in a shootout. For the third time in two weeks, there has been a spate of shootings in the jungle. A Maoist was killed. Police say the Maoists belonging to the Indravati Area Committee were ambushed while the Dantewada DRG forces were on the move. Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallav said that the shooting took place on the same day. Police recovered a Maoist body, a 7.62mm pistol, five kilograms of IED, wire and other explosives from the area after the firing stopped. The dead man in the encounter was identified as Rams 16th Platoon Commander Rams. DVCM member Mallesh was said to be acting as a guard. He has a reward of Rs 5 lakh. Air raids were in full swing in the area where the encounter took place. There have been two counter-fires in the past month. Three Maoists were killed in the incident first and three others later in the incident. & Nbsp;


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Fighters & zwnj; Recruitment & zwnj; Maoists angry over West Bastar Division Naxalite Committee letter Released. Buster Fighters Recruitment Demand to stop & zwnj; Have done. He was incensed that the youth of the lower castes were being fooled by giving high level jobs to the upper castes. Buster Fighters & zwnj; By inciting their own parents and brothers to prepare to create carnage. Danteshwari Fighters, Durga Fighters and Bastaria Battalion are creating havoc with foreign soldiers.

People turn against police Another attempt was made to attack a police camp in Dantewada. Villagers have started protests against the proposed new police camp in Nahari, a remote Naxal-affected village in the district. The villagers said that the village needs basic facilities like schools, hospitals, electricity and fresh water and not police camps. The villagers in jail still demanded his release. They allege that the government has betrayed us in the name of development in Bastar.

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