Threatening to blow up Kanpur mall after Prayagraj-Varanasi, uproar over fifth information in 24 hours in UP

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Kanpur Mall has received threats to blow up after reports of a bomb in the malls of Prayagraj and Varanasi in UP. In 24 hours, police in UP has been in a tizzy with the information of bomb in five districts. In addition to Prayagraj, Varanasi, Kanpur, bomb was reported in Sector 63 of Noida. Earlier on Thursday afternoon, Kailash Hospital in Noida was threatened with blowing up. It is a matter of relief that at present no explosives or objectionable items have been found from anywhere.

Kanpur: Madam Chief Minister will explode after the film’s show
The Madam Chief Minister’s show at South X Multiplex, Miraj Cinema, Gurudev, Pammi in Kanpur will have a blast sometime later. No one will be left. On Friday around 12 noon, the Kanpur police and UP police received a tweet regarding this in the name of Suryavanshi Badshah. BDS and Dog Squad teams reached all malls and theaters and were investigated.
Immediately the movie was stopped and the people returned and investigated. SP South Deepak Bhukar said that a tweeter has threatened to bomb three theaters including South X, named Suryavanshi Badshah. The tweeter is being tracked. Investigations are being conducted in malls and theaters for security.

The afternoon show at Gurudev Palace was attended by 9 and Pammi Palace at 19. Suddenly police arrived from Kalyanpur police station and stopped the show. All spectators were asked to go out. The show began after a search for the dog squad. DIG Dr Preetinder Singh said that false rumors of the bomb were spread in South X Mall etc. from Twitter Handel @suryavanshi Bad1. In the said case, a case has been registered against the tweeter at Juhi police station. Surveillance, cyber cell and crime branch are investigating.

Mall in Prayagraj evacuated at PVR after bombing
The police also received information about the bomb in Prayagraj’s PVR by tweet. In a hurry, police officers arrived on the spot and all the customer shopkeepers present in the mall were taken out. Police officers also called for a fire brigade to deal with any situation along with the bomb disposal squad. The whole mall started to be rumored. SP City Dinesh Singh reached PVR with a force of several police stations and evacuated PVR with full security arrangements. All shops were closed and people were evicted. The traffic police was deployed for this to keep the traffic system running smoothly. The bomb disposal squad, which arrived at 1:00 pm, began the investigation. On one side, the investigation was going on, on the other side, the police were busy telling mock drills to avoid any chaos. This led to a gathering of people around PVR. On seeing the police, people kept taking videos and photos from mobile.

Bomb notice at JHV Mall in Varanasi
The police got information about placing a bomb in JHV Mall located in Cantonment of Varanasi. On the direction of SSP, heavy force and bomb disposal squad reached with CO Cantt. Police along with bomb disposal squad and dog squad searched the house. At present, explosives or anything objectionable was not found till two and a half hours. Here also the police was informed through tweet. According to SSP Amit Pathak, the tweeter is being identified.

Bomb-like item found in Noida Sector-63
A bomb-like object appeared to passers-by near the Chhajarasi village of the Noida Police Station Phase-3 area on Friday morning causing panic. Police and bomb disposal squad reached the spot as soon as the bomb was reported. The bomb disposal squad confirmed after investigation that it was not an explosive item. Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that an auto driver informed Noida police on Friday morning that he had seen a bomb-like object near Chijharasi village in Sector-63. He said that the bomb disposal squad, dog squad and top police officers were sent on the spot, taking prompt action on the information of the incident. When the bomb disposal squad investigated the suspicious object, it was found that the bomb-like object was not an explosive. The said item has been removed from the spot.

The bomb was reported at the Kailash Hospital in Noida
Earlier on Thursday afternoon, police had reported the bomb at Kailash Hospital located in Sector-27, Noida. Police, dog squads and bomb disposal squad conducted a thorough investigation in the hospital after receiving information on the spot. The breath of the people present in the hospital remained stuck during the investigation for about two hours. After the investigation, when the policemen told that everything was fine, the doctors, hospital management and police administration along with the people breathed a sigh of relief.