This animal’s milk contains more alcohol than beer, drinking it will make you intoxicated

This animal’s milk contains more alcohol than beer, drinking it will make you intoxicated

Milk is used daily in every household. Some like cow’s milk and some like buffalo’s milk at home. But sometimes it is advised to drink goat’s milk when falling ill. Cow, buffalo or goat milk is rich in proteins and vitamins. But if we tell you that there is an animal whose milk contains more alcohol than whiskey, beer or wine, would you believe it? but it’s true. Drinking the milk of this animal can cause intoxication. Let’s find out which animal it is and how much alcohol is found in its milk.

Found mainly in the wild and sometimes as a pet, if a person drinks the milk of this animal, he can get intoxicated. That animal is none other than a female elephant. 60 percent alcohol is found in the milk of female elephant. Actually, elephant likes to eat sugarcane. On the other hand, sugarcane contains a large amount of alcohol-making elements. That’s why alcohol is found in abundance in elephant’s milk. According to researchers, elephant milk is not suitable for human consumption.

Chemicals present in milk are dangerous for humans

According to some studies, chemicals found in elephant milk can be dangerous for humans. According to researchers, elephant’s milk can contain 62 percent alcohol. Obviously, beta casein may be present in this milk. However, earlier this role was associated only with K-Casine.

Elephant milk contains high levels of lactose

According to research, the milk of African elephants has very high levels of lactose and oligosaccharides. This has been linked to the alpha-LA content in the mammary glands of elephants. This is largely related to carbohydrate synthesis, where protein acts as the alpha-LA. Elephants are considered to be one of the most sensitive animals on earth. Also, they are considered more intelligent than humans. However, dolphins are considered to be more sensitive and intelligent animals.

There are three different species of elephants found around the world. These include the African savannah elephant as well as the Asian elephant. According to scientists, about 5 million years ago there were 170 species of elephants on the earth. Now there are only two species of elephant left on earth. These include elephants and loxodonta. A typical elephant requires about 150 kg of food per day. That is why elephants spend 12 to 18 hours a day eating grass, leaves and fruits.

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