These rules will change from November 1, will have a direct impact on your pocket

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There will be a big change in the rules related to LPG cylinders (LPG) in the country from 1 November. The cylinder will not be available without OTP from November 1. Now the process of home delivery of your domestic gas cylinder will not be the same as before. According to media reports, the oil companies are going to implement a new delivery system of new LPG cylinder to prevent theft and identify the right customer. This new system is being named DAC i.e. Delivery Authentication Code. This system will be implemented in the first 100 smart cities. Cylinder prices will also change from 1 November.

What will happen to you with the new system
Cylinder delivery will not be done just by booking. A code will be sent to your registered mobile number. That code will not be delivered until you show the code to the delivery boy. If the mobile number of a customer is not updated, then the delivery boy will have an app through which he will get his number updated real time and after that the code will be generated.

Their problems will increase
The new system will increase the difficulties of those customers whose address and mobile number are wrong, due to this, the delivery of those cylinders can be stopped. Oil companies are to implement this system in the first 100 smart cities. Later, it can also be gradually implemented in other cities. Explain that this system will not be applicable to commercial cylinders.

LPG cylinder prices will change
Oil companies fix LPG cylinder prices on the first of every month. In such a situation, the prices of cylinders may change on November 1. In October, oil companies increased the price of commercial cylinders.

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