These amazing features coming in Whatsapp, from Read Later to multi-device support

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp has released a lot of new features in the last few days, from dispensing messages to WhatsApp payments, bulk delete and shopping buttons. However, the company will not stop here only. WhatsApp is also testing out some new features, from read letters to multi-device support, which users may soon get. So let’s know about them:

WhatsApp Read Later feature
According to the report, WhatsApp is working on a feature called Read Letter, which works like the existing Archived Chats feature. Through this, users will be able to ignore any contact without blocking. For any chat for which you will enable this feature, its notifications will stop getting received. If you wish, you can read those messages later.

As the name suggests, through this, users can keep a chat archive for as long as they want. Users get notifications when a new message arrives in the current feature, which will not be in the new feature. Users will also get an edit button, through which many chats will be able to unarchive. Settings can also be changed through this button.

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Multi-Device Support Feature
This feature has been testing for a long time. Through the msti-device support feature, users will be able to use the same WhatsS account on a maximum of four devices. In this process your data will also not be deleted. Currently, if you login your WhatsApp account on another device, it is automatically logged out from the old device.

Not only block, you will also be able to report contacts
WhatsApp will soon bring a feature through which you will not only be able to block contacts, but will also be able to report. However, in order to report you have to show the latest chat message of that person. After verifying these, WhatsApp will take action against that contact. Along with this, the company is also working on a customizable wallpaper feature.

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