These 2 companies of Anil Ambani, competition to buy shares of both, strong returns to investors

There has been a strong buying of shares of two companies of Anil Ambani – Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure, which are facing debt crisis. On Monday, the first day of the week, the stocks of both the companies were trading higher by more than 4 per cent respectively. The reason for the sudden rise is some positive news related to both the companies.

What is positive news: In fact, Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure have released their September quarter results. Reliance Capital’s net profit stood at Rs 186.45 crore for the quarter. The company was in a loss of Rs 1189.62 crore in the quarter a year ago.

Similarly, the net loss of Reliance Infrastructure has come down to Rs 162.15 crore in the September quarter. The company had a net loss of Rs 306.04 crore in the same period a year ago. The company’s income increased to Rs 6,411.42 crore during the September quarter.

Share Status: During the trading, the shares of Reliance Capital went up to the level of Rs 11.80 with a gain of up to 5 per cent. At the same time, the share price of Reliance Infrastructure reached Rs 153.15. This is a jump of 4.90% compared to the previous day. Due to this boom, the market capital of Reliance Infra increased to more than Rs 4000 crore.

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