There will be celebration on India becoming the president of G-20, tomorrow 100 monuments will be illuminated; 200 meetings in 50 cities

On December 1, India will formally become the chairman of the G-20. On this occasion, 100 monuments across the country will be illuminated with G-20 logos. After this the round of G-20 meetings will begin. There will be a summit of G-20 countries on September 9-10 next year. Before this, more than two hundred meetings will be organized in 50 cities of the country. The first G-20 Sherpa meeting will be held in Udaipur on December 4-7.

According to sources in the Ministry of External Affairs, preparations are being made on a large scale to make the G-20 event under the chairmanship of India historic. On this occasion, India will showcase its progress in various fields. Along with this, tourism, culture and festivals will also be linked to G-20 events. Brand India will be promoted through the grand event of G-20. The tourist places of the city where the meetings will be held will also be shown. Also, the art culture there will be displayed. Products from there will be given as gifts.

meeting was not held on such a large scale

The ministry said that G-20 related meetings will be held in more than 50 cities from Jammu and Kashmir to Ladakh to Kohima. These include ministerial level, working group and non-governmental meetings. So far, G-20 meetings have not taken place on such a large scale. G-20 meetings were held in 14 cities in China and 25 in Indonesia. The meetings will be held in all states, including those ruled by the BJP and those ruled by the opposition. Cooperation is being received from all the states and the Prime Minister is also going to hold a meeting with the Chief Ministers of the states on this issue. Programs will also be organized in 75 universities during the meetings.

discuss these issues

Various issues like economic matters, terrorism, climate change, international issues, energy security, food security will be discussed in the meetings.

This country is also invited

Apart from G-20 countries, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Oman, UAE, Nigeria and Egypt have been invited in the meeting as special invitees. The process of sending formal invitations from India to the G-20 members for the meeting will be done after some time. While the process has been started for the specially invited countries.

Theme – ‘One Earth, One Family and One Future’

On the challenge of bringing the West and Russia on a common platform in the current global geopolitical developments, the Ministry of External Affairs said the theme of the meeting is ‘One Earth, One Family and One Future’. India believes in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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