There was an outcry in UP due to the power strike, there was no talk between the government and the employees; hundreds fired

There was an outcry in UP due to the power strike, there was no talk between the government and the employees;  hundreds fired

Due to the power strike, there is hue and cry in UP from east to west. Despite persuasion and strictness, talks did not work out between the government and the striking employees. Meanwhile, hundreds of employees have been dismissed in different districts. A list of thousands of employees who disrupted the power supply has been prepared. The government is preparing for a big action. On the other hand, the workers are also adamant on their demands.

Due to the strike, the situation worsened on the second day of the strike in all the districts of Kanpur division as well as in Bundelkhand. There was hue and cry in the cities due to lack of electricity. Water was supplied through tankers in Fatehpur. More than 1500 villages are immersed in darkness for 24 hours. Due to non-availability of electricity in industrial areas in Kanpur, Fatehpur, Hardoi and Unnao, production has come to a standstill in 2000 factories. In Kanpur, KESCO has sent a list of more than 11 hundred strikers to UPPCL, action is possible till late evening. Apart from this, 243 out of 531 outsourcing and contract employees have been dismissed. The rest have been given an ultimatum to return to work.

In Pilibhit district, there is power failure in many areas including Bilsanda, Puranpur due to strike by electricity employees. The supply of Naktadana feeder of the city was also stopped from 2 pm on Friday night. However, the supply was started at 10 am by the team of the Superintendent Engineer, after getting the electricity right. Apart from this, electricity bills are not being deposited and new connections are not being made. So far no action has been taken against the striking employees. From Friday night till noon, the villagers remained troubled due to faults in about 350 villages.

Apart from all the districts of Bareilly division, Lakhimpur was affected by the strike on the second day. Drinking water supply was affected in Bareilly, Badaun and Shahjahanpur due to power failure. In Bareilly, 30 feeders are closed due to breakdown and more than 55 villages are affected. More than 700 villages of Bareilly division are immersed in darkness for 24 hours. In rural areas of Badaun, about 300 villages have lost electricity due to five feeders being affected. Due to the closure of three feeders in Pilibhit, there is a power failure in about 350 villages. 37 feeders were affected in Shahjahanpur and there is no electricity in 270 villages. Four feeders are closed in Mohammadi of Kheri and there is no electricity in 200 villages. 30 villages of Aliganj feeder are affected.

Due to the strike by the electricity workers, the power supply remained shaky in most parts of Moradabad circle. Due to this, the resentment among the consumers is increasing. The protests of the electricity employees are continuing, but so far no action has been taken against anyone. In Moradabad, power supply remained suspended in various areas of the city since late night. Five power house breakdowns occurred in the city, out of which four have been rectified, the team is working on one. Protests were held at various places by the local people in urban and rural areas as the supply was disrupted. 50 percent areas of Rampur are still immersed in darkness. Despite all the efforts of the administration, the electricity system of the district is not being restored.

In Amroha, the power stations connected to the feeders were also interrupted due to supply shutdown on all four feeders including Guldiya, Daud Sarai, subdivision-1 and two. In urban areas, power supply remained disrupted for about 13 hours from 3 pm to 4 pm and in rural areas also for eight to ten hours. During the power failure, people had to face the problem of drinking water. People heaved a sigh of relief after the supply resumed at 4 pm on the intervention of the administration. In Sambhal, the offices of the officers located at the power station remained locked. The police force remained deployed at the power stations. The electrical system remained fully functional. Consumers have not faced any kind of problem.

Electricity stopped in West UP due to strike

The strike of electricity employees and the rain had a big impact in Paschimanchal. In some areas, power supply is disrupted for four hours to seven hours. The workers remained on strike even in the rain. 5314 in Paschimanchal and 477 in Meerut when power supply stopped due to faults and breakdowns, people had to face problems. Notices were issued terminating the services of 60 contract workers involved in the strike in Paschimanchal. MD PVVNL Chaitra V. Inspected the control room. On the other hand, Minister of State for Energy Dr. Somendra Tomar reached Urja Bhawan on Saturday evening and reviewed the situation. The agitators are sitting wearing tilak and garlands. The leaders said that they are ready to go to jail if action is taken.

205 employees dismissed in Gorakhpur zone

ESMA case has been registered against three including XEN Transmission Devendra Kumar Singh in Kushinagar. In Maharajganj, 11 contract linemen have been dismissed, while an FIR has been lodged against 16 employees. Electricity in about 2200 villages of Gorakhpur-Basti division and water supply in more than five hundred villages have stopped. When people jammed at half a dozen places, the administration pacified them by convincing them.
In Maharajganj, two have been arrested for trying to stop the supply of the district hospital.
Power supply in Gida remained suspended for 31 hours, affecting production worth Rs 100 crore.

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