The world on the edge of another war! 100 soldiers killed in clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan; Putin intervened

The war between Ukraine and Russia is still going on that in the meantime there has also been a threat of a fierce war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Soldiers of both countries clashed on the border on Tuesday, in which around 100 soldiers from both sides have been killed. Armenia says 49 of its soldiers have been killed in the bloody clash, while Azerbaijan has also admitted 50 soldiers were killed. The conflict broke out when the Azerbaijani army launched drone attacks targeting Armenian territory and started firing. Armenia’s defense ministry said the firing was not intense, but that Azerbaijani troops were advancing into their territory from behind.

In such a situation, in response to their action, Armenian soldiers also started firing. At the same time, Azerbaijan has alleged that the provocation was done by Armenia. Armenian troops launched attacks on Monday night and again on Tuesday morning. Azerbaijan said that Armenian troops had planted mines and also attacked Azerbaijan border posts. Nagorno-Karabakh has been a conflict between the two countries for several decades. Azerbaijan also claims the area, but it has been under Armenian occupation since the 1994 separatist war.

There was a fierce war in 2020 too, 6 thousand died

There was also a fierce war between the two countries in 2020, which lasted for 6 weeks. Close to 6 people died in this war and the dispute ended only after the intervention of Russia. From the Moscow side, 2,000 soldiers were deployed as part of a peacekeeping mission to restore peace in the area. Meanwhile, both the US and Russia have appealed to Azerbaijan and Armenia to restore peace. In fact, Russia has deep military ties with Armenia. Russia also has a military base in Armenia. Apart from this, Russia also has good relations with oil-rich Azerbaijan. In such a situation, Russia has been in favor of good relations between the two countries.

Putin and the US Secretary of State also intervened

The international community has also appealed for peace. Meanwhile, Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Apart from this, he has also spoken to French President Emmanuel Macron. The intervention of the European Council and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi can also be seen in this entire war. Nicole Pashaniyan has spoken to both of them. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also spoken to both the countries. Blinken said that we hope that the two countries will come to the negotiating table and find a solution through dialogue.

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