The villagers were not ready to touch the dead body, then the funeral took place like this, the reason will surprise

A shocking case has come to light from Bargarh district of Orissa. Here the body of a person had to be carried on a bike for the last rites, as his relatives and the people of the village refused to touch his dead body. The reason for this was that the post-mortem of the body of the person was done by a low caste doctor. The family members feared that he would face social boycott if he attended the funeral.

Mother, wife and daughter were crying

According to the information, a person named Muchunu Sandha was suffering from liver disease. He was admitted to a private hospital in critical condition, where he died during treatment. After this the doctor of the hospital did his post-mortem. On Friday, his body was taken to his village in an ambulance. Muchoon’s body was kept in the house, where his pregnant wife, three-year-old daughter and old mother were sitting and crying. Even after a long time, the people and relatives of the village did not reach.

The person carrying the dead body said this thing

On receiving this information, Gram Panchayat Sunil Behera reached there and carried the dead body on a bike and took it for the last rites. According to India Tunde, it was Sunil who raised the money and paid the fare for the ambulance in which Muchunu’s body was brought from the hospital. Sunil, however, denied the boycott. He said that the village is a rule. The people of the village do not go to his last rites, for which post-mortem is done. He said that since there was no male member in the house of the deceased, he brought the body for the last rites by loading it on a bike.

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