The tricolor was being put on the roof, the young man died due to the high tension line

An accident happened while hoisting the tricolor at home in Barwah in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. A young man died in this accident. In fact, due to the nectar festival of independence, a young man working in a shop in Barwah was putting the tricolor on the roof of his shop. The tricolor was attached to an iron pipe, which collided with the 11 kV power line passing near the house. The young man got electrocuted due to the iron pipe hitting the electric wires and he died on the spot.

In Barwah of Khargone district, negligence in the tricolor campaign at Har Ghar outweighed a young man. Mohan Babu Patel, 45, a resident of Bawdi Kheda, climbed up to put up a flag on the roof of the second floor of the grocery shop of Ashok Khandelwal on Narmada Road, during which he died of electrocution. It is being told that the deceased youth used to work at the shop of Mohan Ashok Khandelwal. He was putting the tricolor on the roof of the house as part of the Amrit Festival of Independence. While he was hoisting the tricolor, the iron rod in the tricolor collided with the electric wires passing some distance away. Due to which the youth got electrocuted and he died on the spot. As soon as the information about the incident came, a crowd of people gathered around.

Children of the deceased study in Indore

As soon as the information was received, the police also reached the spot. After making a Panchnama of the dead body, it was sent to the Government Hospital in Barwah for the PM. Villagers told that Mohan was working at Ashok Khandelwal’s grocery shop for more than 15 years. The deceased youth has a boy and a girl. Who is currently studying in Indore.

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