The Supreme Court said on the petition of the BJP leader against the Waqf Act, then the land mafia will become silver

During the hearing of BJP leader Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay’s petition against the Waqf Act, the Supreme Court said that where there is a question of law, what is the need to bring religion. The court said that if a decision is taken against this Waqf Act, the occupants will become silver. They will get a free hand.

A bench of Justices KM Joseph and Hrishikesh Roy said, “I am sorry that you are challenging religion in your petition. We feel that religion should not be brought in to speak against any law. Let us inform that Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a petition against the Waqf Act. This Act was brought in 1954 under which decisions regarding Waqf properties are taken.

In 1995, this law was amended and according to which Waqf Board was to be formed in every state. In this, two members were required to be Muslims. Apart from this, it was said in the Act that a judicial officer from the state itself and two other members who are not necessarily Muslims can stay on the board. This board will resolve the dispute of waqf properties.

Upadhyay’s petition argued as to why such a right was given only to the Muslims while no such provision has been made for the Hindus. The court said, if you tribunal were us, would you have decided on the basis of religion? How can religion be brought into such cases? At the same time, it was said in the petition that this law violates the right to equality and the right against discrimination. On this point, the bench said that you should find such a provision in which such a thing has been said.

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