The script of ‘Surgical Strike’ on PFI was written in Amit Shah’s meeting, read the inside story

Different agencies of the Center have taken a big action against the Popular Front of India (PFI). It is reported that more than 100 people have been arrested by raiding 106 places in 11 states of the country. Many big leaders of the party are also included in this. It is being said that the script of this entire action was written in the meeting of Union Home Minister Amit Shah held on 29 August itself. During that time, Shah had called a high-level meeting in view of the activities of PFI.

According to News18, top officials who attended the meeting on August 29 said that Shah wanted information about the PFI and its related activities. During that time, when the people present provided him with information, he distributed responsibilities to different agencies. Big action was planned against PFI, but it was also decided that agencies will do their homework first.

11 states, 106 hideouts, over 100 arrested; NIA’s mega action on PFI

During the meeting, many big officials including National Security Advisor, RAW, IB, NIA chief attended. Shah had made it clear that the entire cadre, funding and terror network of PFI has to be dismantled and a plan was drawn up to involve different agencies in it.

understand the plan

According to the report, during the meeting, central intelligence agencies were asked to gather information and prepare dossier. Instructions were issued to the agencies to write down all the details related to the involvement of the PFI cadre in the murders and extortion cases. The NIA was asked to investigate the cases and prepare traps to nab the cadre across the country. Recently, many cases related to PFI were also handed over to the NIA by the Union Home Ministry, which was earlier being investigated by the state police.

Role of ED

After the August 29 meeting, the ED was given the responsibility of preparing preliminary reports on PFI funding, foreign aid and illegal transactions. Along with this, it was decided to prepare the state police also in the scheme. During this, those states were specially included, which were expressing concern about this organization and were facing their illegal activities daily.

what happened

On Thursday, NIA and ED took action at about 106 locations in 11 states. It is reported that during this time more than 100 cadres including many big leaders of the party have been arrested. This action was named ‘Operation Midnight’. The agencies had also taken the chairman OMA Salam into custody. For now, the raid continues. Here, in Delhi, Shah is also holding a meeting with the officials.

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