The salesman got stuck in the affair of loan from the app, the agent made the father-son vulgar photo viral

In Bareilly, UP, a salesman got caught in the affair of taking a loan of 50 thousand from the online app Daily Loan. Now the agents of the loan company are demanding extortion of 50 thousand by making obscene photos of him and his father viral. A report has been lodged in the Premnagar police station in this regard.

The salesman told the Premnagar police that sometime back he needed a loan of 50 thousand for business. On this he downloaded the Daily Loan App from Play Store and completed all the loan formalities. After that, 11 hundred rupees were transferred to his account through Daily App on 31st August.

When the money came in the account, he spoke to the agent of Daily Loan, he was talked to many numbers and told that 50 thousand rupees will come after sometime and 11 hundred rupees as cashback. He refused to take 11 hundred rupees without getting the full amount. Along with this, he also asked to cancel the loan.

asked for extortion by calling whatsapp

The salesman alleges that after this he started getting threats by calling. On September 4, a WhatsApp call was made from a number and asked to deposit two thousand rupees. Threatened to be kicked out of the house on protest. Then their phones were hacked and photos were stolen and they were threatened to be sent to relatives by making them obscene.

Then on September 5, the accused made obscene photos of him and his father and sent them to relatives. Also threatened that if 50 thousand rupees are not given, then these photos will be made viral. On his complaint, the Premnagar police has started investigating the matter by registering a report.

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