The Royal Guard standing near Queen Elizabeth’s coffin suddenly collapsed, video

The funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II continues. His coffin has arrived in London. According to tradition, people will be able to pay their last respects to the Queen till September 18 at Westminster Hall located here. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which it is seen that a Royal Guard standing near the coffin of the Queen suddenly collapsed. He was immediately picked up from there.

Actually, the body of the Queen was brought from Balmoral Castle in Scotland to Buckingham Palace in London on 14 September. It was then kept at Westminster Hall. This guard was giving duty near his coffin. It was told that it is an elderly guard who suddenly collapsed due to health reasons and was also standing there for a long time.

It is seen in the video that the guard, wearing the uniform of the Royal Guard, suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. After the fall of the Royal Guard, the other guards present there pick him up. It was told that the guard who had fallen on the ground had regained consciousness in a while. After that he was given some rest for a while.

According to British media reports, the guard was elderly and his age was more. At present, after this incident, orders have been given to change the duty of the guards engaged in the funeral of the Queen. For now watch this viral video here..

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