The race to take a selfie on the derailed goods train, the young man lost his life in an instant; watch creepy video

Nine coaches of a goods train derailed near Ekangarsarai railway station in Bihar’s Nalanda district on Wednesday. During this, there was a competition to take selfies by climbing the derailed coaches. Then two youths came in the grip of the high-tension line passing from above. One of them died on the spot and the other youth is fighting a battle between life and death in the hospital. The video of this incident is going viral on social media.

According to the information, a coal-laden goods train coming from Jharkhand was passing through Islampur-Fatuha railway section. Then 9 coaches of the goods train derailed near Ekangarsarai station. Soon after the accident, a huge crowd of local people gathered at the spot. Some youths climbed the derailed coaches and started taking selfies and one of them died due to electrocution. The deceased has been identified as Suraj Kumar, 22, a resident of Kosiyawan village.

Another person suffered serious burns due to electrocution. He was rushed to the hospital, from where he was referred to Patna. The injured has been identified as Chhotu Kumar, a resident of Gheriya Bigha village. The people present on the spot captured the video in their mobile cameras. Now it is going viral on social media.

It is seen in the video that some youths are taking selfies by climbing on the goods train compartment. Then there is a loud bang and the fire flashes and in the next moment the youths start falling down from the roof of the compartment.

many trains canceled

After the derailment of the goods train, the traffic on the Islampur-Fatuha railway section was disrupted. The railway track has been damaged in the accident. Due to this, three passenger trains including Magadha Express, DMU were canceled. At the same time, the route of some trains was changed. Due to this the passengers had to face trouble. Higher officials have ordered an inquiry into the accident.

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