The post mortem report of the rat murder case revealed that death was due to this, not drowning.

In Badaun district of UP, the post-mortem in the case of murder by tying a stone to a rat’s tail and drowning it in a drain, told the cause of death as suffocation. He did not die by drowning in the drain. In the postmortem report, water was not found in the lungs of the rat. Liver infection also contributed to the cause of his death.

On November 25, a strange case has come to light in Badaun city. A person resident of Mohalla Panwadia of Sadar Kotwali area had given a complaint to the police alleging that Vikendra Sharma, an animal lover, drowned a rat by tying a stone to its tail and drowning it. After which the police registered a case of animal cruelty against the youth Kumbhkar Manoj in this case. Also acted in breach of peace on dispute.

Police sent the rat to the district animal hospital after the report of the animal lover. Here the doctor asked to send it to RVRI, saying that he did not have expertise in the post-mortem of the rat. Police sent the rat’s body to RVRE.

KP Singh, joint director of RVRE, disclosed in the post-mortem on Thursday. Told, the post-mortem of the rat was done by a panel of doctors. In which Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dr. Pawan Kumar (both pathologists) did it. In the postmortem, the death of the rat was due to swelling of the lungs and infection in the liver. There was talk of drowning in the drain, but water was not found in his lungs. Neither was dirt found in his body nor was dirty water from the drain found. Overall, the death of the rat was due to suffocation.

this was the case

Vikendra, a resident of the city’s Mohalla Kalyan Nagar, is an animal lover and president of the Badaun branch of PFA. He had told the police in The Tahrir that on Thursday 25 November he was passing near the Gandhi Ground intersection of the city. During this, Manoj Kumar, a resident of Panwadiya Mohalla, was carrying a caged rat. When they followed it, they saw accused Manoj tying a stone to the rat’s tail with a twine and throwing it into the drain there. Vikendra first captured this incident in mobile. After this, he barely pulled out the rat by entering the drain, but it died after some time.

When Vikendra opposed this act of the accused, he got ready to dispute. The accused do the work of making earthen utensils and lamps in this area. Sadar Kotwali police registered a case against the accused on Vikendra’s Tahrir and arrested him by raiding his house. After this, a case of animal cruelty was also registered while challaning him for breach of peace.

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