The judge who ordered the survey of the Gyanvapi mosque was haunted by fear of life, security decreased as soon as he came from Banaras to Bareilly.

Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar, who ordered the survey of Gyanvapi Masjid in Varanasi, is worried about his safety. He had received threats only during his stay in Banaras. After this his security was increased. Later he was transferred from Banaras to Bareilly. Here they have not got security like Banaras. The judge has expressed displeasure about this and has written a letter to the IG. Minority Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar has written in the letter that he should be provided security like Varanasi.

In a letter written on September 19, the Minority Judge has said that he had security in Varanasi as per the mandate. But the residential and private security provided to them in Bareilly is inadequate. In this regard, he also apprised RI (Reserve Inspector) Bareilly Narottam Singh over phone.

Civil judge Ravi Diwakar, who ordered the Gyanvapi survey, received a threatening letter

Along with this, he also urged Narottam Singh that it would be appropriate if he talks to the RI of Varanasi in this regard. But Narottam Singh refused to talk. Narottam Singh said that he has not received any letter from the government in this regard.

An atmosphere of fear is being created about Gyanvapi, in the judgment, the judge wrote – family worried about my safety

The RI told that whatever security has been given to them, it has been given from their level itself. In this regard, when Justice Ravi Kumar Diwakar spoke to the RI of Varanasi, it was told that he has been given security as per the order of the government and one and a half section PAC by the Varanasi district police. In such a situation, Minority Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar has said in a letter sent to the IG through the District Judge about necessary action.

Gunner was absent for two days without informing

Minority Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar has also said through the letter that the gunner Nikunj Kumar posted under his security remained absent on September 17 and 18 without giving any information. Apprised RI Narottam Singh in this regard but he did not take any appropriate action. On September 19, after receiving the judge’s letter, IG Ramit Sharma wrote a letter to the Bareilly SSP asking him to take cognizance of the matter. He has also been asked to conduct a preliminary inquiry and take appropriate action as per rules.

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