The ‘income’ of 600 crores was detected, the bungalow worth 4 lakhs became worth 150 crores; Badly trapped Lalu-Tejashwi?

The ‘income’ of 600 crores was detected, the bungalow worth 4 lakhs became worth 150 crores;  Badly trapped Lalu-Tejashwi?

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided the locations of Tejashwi Yadav and other leaders from Delhi to Patna, Mumbai etc. in the land-for-job scam. The Central Investigation Agency has given an official statement on this raid. On Saturday, the ED has told that it has detected the proceeds of crime of 600 crores in this raid. It is worth mentioning that this land-for-job scam happened during Lalu Yadav’s tenure as Railway Minister between 2004 and 2009. It is alleged that in lieu of land, jobs were given in various zones in the Railways.

The central probe agency has said it involves immovable assets worth Rs 350 crore and transactions through benamidars (front persons for benami properties) worth Rs 250 crore. Apart from immovable properties and transactions, the ED seized unaccounted cash totaling Rs 1 crore, foreign currency including $1,900, 540 gm gold and 1.5 kg gold jewelery worth over Rs 1.5 crore as well as property papers, sale deed etc. Many important documents have also been recovered. ED raided 24 places on Friday. Apart from Tejashwi Yadav, the houses of Lalu’s three daughters – Hema, Chanda and Ragini – were raided by the ED. At the same time, the house of former RJD MLA Abu Dojana was also raided.

In an official statement, the ED said, “As a result of the searches, proceeds of crime of about Rs 600 crore have been detected at present, of which Rs 350 crore is in the form of immovable properties and Rs 250 crore of transactions carried out through various benamidars.” Are.” The money laundering probe in the land-for-job scam so far has revealed that several pieces of land at prime locations in Patna and other areas were illegally acquired by the family of former railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav, the ED said. . Instead, he was given a job in the railways. “The current market value of these lands is more than Rs 200 crore,” the ED said. The agency said that several shell entities and beneficial owners of these lands have been identified.

Bungalow bought for four lakhs, now worth 150 crores

Further, the ED probe has revealed that a four-storey bungalow at D-1088, New Friends Colony, Delhi, is registered in the name of M/s AB Exports Private Limited, a company owned and controlled by Tejashwi Yadav and family. It has been bought for just Rs 4 lakh. “The current market value of this bungalow is around Rs 150 crore,” the ED said. It is suspected that a huge amount of cash/proceeds of crime has been used to purchase the property and gems and jewelery were used to purchase the property, the ED said. Certain Mumbai-based entities operating in the area were used to channel the illicit proceeds of crime in this regard.

Tejashwi Yadav was present in the bungalow during the raid

The probe agency pointed out that on paper the bungalow is declared as the office of AB Exports and another company AK Infosystems Pvt Ltd, but is being used exclusively as a residential complex by Tejashwi Yadav. The ED said Tejashwi was present at the bungalow during the searches on Friday and is using the property as his residence. The ED’s statement came on a day when the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) issued summons to Tejashwi for questioning in a parallel probe into corruption in the land-for-jobs scam. However, Tejashwi sought an extension on the ground that his pregnant wife was unwell. He was summoned by the CBI earlier also, but even then he did not attend the inquiry.

Land worth seven and a half lakhs was sold for three and a half crores

The probe agency has also found that four pieces of land acquired by the Yadavs from poor Group D applicants in the Railways for a mere Rs 7.5 lakh were sold by Rabri Devi to Abu Dojana in a nexus deal with a huge profit of Rs 3.5 crore . The agency further said that a major part of this amount (received from the sale) was transferred to Tejashwi Yadav’s account. Similarly, in lieu of Group D jobs in Railways, lands of many poor parents and candidates were taken. During investigation it has come to light that more than 50% of the candidates recruited in various zones of Railways were from constituencies of Lalu Yadav families.

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