The groom ran away taking advantage of the car stuck in the traffic, the bride kept running behind, then…

The groom ran away taking advantage of the car stuck in the traffic, the bride kept running behind, then…

A shocking incident came to light in Bangalore. Here a groom escaped taking advantage of the traffic and the bride kept running back and forth for some distance. Even after a week passed, nothing was known about the groom. The bride has lodged a complaint with the police. Actually it is about 16 February. A newly wed couple was returning after praying at a church when their car got stuck in traffic near the Mahadevapura corridor. The groom was sitting on the front seat. He opened the door and started running. The wife made him run for some distance but he got out of hand.


The wife told the police that her husband had an affair with a woman in Goa. They both worked in the same office. Vijay George’s (name changed) girlfriend used to threaten him that she would put pictures of private moments on social media. Fearing this, he ran away. The woman informed the police about this on March 5. Please tell that both of them got married on February 15 only. A day later, Vijay George ran away.

mother of two children girlfriend

Police say that the groom is being searched. Vijay George lived in Chintamani in Chikkaballapur district. He was very upset with his girlfriend. George’s wife of 22 years had already told George before marriage that he should not be upset. In this matter she will stand by George. Despite this, George ran away a day after the wedding. The woman said that Vijay used to cooperate with his father’s manpower company in Goa. During this time he had an affair with the wife of one of his drivers. She is the mother of two children. His girlfriend also works as a clerk in the company.

Once George’s mother came to know about this, she planned to get George married to end the relationship. The wife told, I was told about the affair before marriage but George had promised that he would end the relationship with that woman. Even after marriage, the woman was blackmailing him, so Vijay George used to be quite disturbed.

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