The generals stand in line; What did Arvind Kejriwal say on the question of reservation

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the ‘Make India Number One’ campaign on Wednesday. He started it from Hisar in Haryana and put his vision in front of the youth here. Along with Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, Kejriwal also answered questions with the youth. During this, there was talk from education, employment to reservation. The Chief Minister of Delhi said that even today Dalits are treated very badly. He said that seeking jobs after education is a given mentality of the British. It needs to be changed.

During the program organized in Hisar, a youth raised the issue of reservation, describing himself as a general category. He said that he did not get admission even after scoring 75 per cent marks, whereas those with 50 per cent marks got admission due to reservation. He said that the generals keep standing in line. Arvind Kejriwal listened to him carefully and then replied.

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The Delhi CM said, “One is the concept that today SCs are not treated badly all over the country, everyday we hear how they are treated badly even today. Many such videos also come on social media. Listening gets to be read. An example is an IPS officer from Rajasthan. It was his wedding, everyone gathered in the village that they would not allow him to ride the mare. The village had to be built a cantonment for it to be mounted on a mare. Even today the situation in our country is very bad.

The AAP convener further said, “The first thing is that reservation was done because inequality was going on for centuries, to give equal rights so that everyone can come equally. The second thing that has become our mindset, job after studying, these Britishers who left the system. Macaulay created this system. Earlier no one was looking for a job in the country. Everyone used to do their work. Macaulay system was made that if you do BA, you will get a job if you do LLB. All used to become clerks with the British. We experimented in Delhi. We teach business to 11th and 12th class children in Delhi. We fill their hearts with the code that you have to be a job provider not a job seeker.

Ban on non-veg and smoking?

A young man asked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal whether he would ban non-veg and smoking? Delhi CM said that there is no need to force anyone. He said that such an atmosphere has to be created, people have to be prepared to give up non-veg and smoking, give up wrong practices. He said that no matter how many laws are made, it is not going to benefit. People will drink secretly, there will be black marketing.” Giving the example of Delhi schools, the CM said that he was advised that a law should be made that the children of all politicians and officers will study in government schools. But he made the schools such that now elders themselves are putting their children in government schools.

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