The family did not get hurt on the end of Al-Zawahiri, America used special technology

Many things are being said about the elimination of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the head of al-Qaeda hiding in Kabul. It is also being said that Pakistan helped the US in this operation in exchange for a hefty amount. America had prepared for this operation a long time ago. The US Army used such a technique to kill the terrorist that the other members present in his house were not even scratched. There was no damage around the house as well. A blast only put al-Jawahiri to death.

US Army’s special technique, due to which terrorist was killed

It is a matter of thinking that after all what technique did the US military use that its target was so accurate. It has happened many times in the past that the US Army missed its target and then innocent people lost their lives. But this time the missile fired from the drone directly hit the target. The US fired Hellfire missiles from drones to kill al-Zawahiri.

What is Hellfire Missile

To kill al-Zawahiri, a missile was used that targets laser technology. The missile was fired from an unmanned drone. It is said that in Baghdad, General Qasim Sulemani of the Iranian army was killed with this technique. This missile can also be fired from aircraft, helicopter, any vehicle. This time unmanned drones were used. The remote operator was operating the drone and keeping an eye on al-Zawahiri through a camera. As soon as al-Zawahiri entered the balcony, the goal was achieved. The laser beam fell on the terrorist and the missile fell directly on the target.

A habit of al-Zawahiri proved fatal

According to a US official, al-Zawahiri’s biography was being tracked for a long time. The intelligence department had made a complete blueprint for it. Al-Zawahiri used to sit in his balcony at a certain time. The plan of the air strike was prepared in such a way that only the terrorist is targeted. No damage was done to the rest of the building. Reports also said that drones and aircraft were keeping an eye on the place. When he came to the balcony, the target was locked with the drone. The laser beam fell on Al-Zawahiri and then the missile blew it away. In this attack only the balcony was vandalized.

Al-Zawahiri was with Osama bin Laden in the US 9/11 attacks. After bin Laden’s death, al-Qaeda was in his hands. Even before bin Laden was killed, he had the number two position in the terrorist organization. In this way, an attempt was made to kill the terrorist during the tenure of four presidents, but the success came only now. It is being told that after the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, with the help of the Haqqani network, al-Zawahiri reached Kabul and made a place to stay here.

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