The condition of Congress was not good, Virbhadra won with the card; Pratibha Singh has expressed her right on the post of CM

After the victory in Himachal Pradesh, the real challenge before the Congress is to choose a ‘captain’. State Congress President Pratibha Singh has expressed the rights of her family amidst the possibility of factionalism in the party regarding the post of Chief Minister. He has said that the position of the Congress was not good in the elections, but in the name of Virbhadra Singh ji, the people have voted for the Congress. He has clearly said that the high command will decide on the Chief Minister, but the wishes of the people will be kept in mind. Virbhadra Singh’s wife also said that the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are also round the corner and this should also be kept in mind.

Talking to a news channel before the discussion on the Chief Minister’s post and the meeting of the Legislature Party, Pratibha Singh said, “It is a sensitive subject in whose hands the leadership should be given.” People are watching it very seriously. People feel that our feelings should be respected. When we were contesting this election, we saw that our condition was not very good, so we played the card of Virbhadra Singh ji. His name was taken, his works were counted, people voted for Congress in his name. He said that we are voting as a tribute to Virbhadra Singh. Now people have a feeling that this family has served for a long time, so if this opportunity is given to this family, they will also serve in the same way (like Virbhadra Singh).”

Pratibha Singh said that the high command will also look into this issue seriously. He will also take everyone’s opinion. A big blessing of the Gandhi family has been with this family. It was Indira Gandhi who had sent Virbhadra Singh to Himachal as Chief Minister and gave him full freedom to work. When he saw his work as an MP. On asking whether it is right to claim Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu? Pratibha said, “Why are you asking me whether it is okay or not. Everyone has a right, whether he is a winning MLA, anyone can claim that I should be made. But this has to be seen by the high command. This is not a child’s play. After all, you are giving the command of the entire state to someone. There should be a right person, who has experience, who has the right mindset, who can run the government well. The election of 2024 is very near. We have to win that too, keep this in mind.

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