The ‘close ones’ left Ashok Gehlot’s support? MLA’s tone started changing with time

Who can tell this better than Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, how the attitude of loved ones changes with time. In September this year, when Gehlot was in the race for the post of Congress President. The high command had sent emissaries from Delhi to change the CM in Rajasthan. His consent was to be taken with the meeting of the MLAs, but Gehlot’s supporting MLAs rebelled in his favor. After this all the drama happened and somehow Gehlot’s chair was saved. Now the last week of November is going on and in the midst of growing cold, the heat of Gehlot vs Pilot contest is emerging again. But this time Gehlot seems to be weakening a bit.

What is the indication of Gudha’s talk

The indication of how Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is getting weak is being indicated by the statement of Gehlot government minister Rajendra Gudha. Gudha said in his statement that the support of 80 percent of the MLAs in Rajasthan is with Sachin Pilot. Gudha has said this after the statement of Ashok Gehlot, in which he called Sachin Pilot a traitor. Let us inform that Harish Chowdhary, another senior leader of Rajasthan Congress, had also taught Gehlot to use the right words in this matter. He had said that no matter what position a person occupies, he should choose the right words. Similarly, Gehlot supporters like Pratap Khachariawas are also silent this time.

Effect of increased distance from Gandhi family?

In fact, when the Gehlot vs Pilot drama took place in September, Ashok Gehlot used to be close to the Gandhi family. But it is said that after the rebellion of Gehlot supporters in Rajasthan, this relationship is no longer normal. Although Gehlot had apologized to Sonia Gandhi after this episode, it is believed that insistence on the chair of Rajasthan has cost Gehlot dearly. At the same time, after this, the praise of Adani by Ashok Gehlot has also added fuel to this fire. This is probably the reason why in the changed environment the MLAs of Rajasthan are not with Gehlot the way they were when the CM used to be close to the Gandhi family.

Does Kharge have a problem in his mind?

When the Gehlot vs Pilot drama took place in Rajasthan, Sonia Gandhi was the President of the Congress. At the same time, now Mallikarjun Kharge has become the President of the Congress Party. Kharge has been an eyewitness to that entire drama. Then Kharge along with Ajay Maken had come to Rajasthan with the message of the party president from Delhi. It is said that Kharge and Maken are still bitter about that entire episode. On the other hand, after Kharge’s rise to power as party president, the loyalty of Rajasthan leaders has also increased towards him. Along with this, it is also certain that Kharge is a confidant of the Gandhi family, in such a situation, the leaders of the party are also seen intending to follow the footsteps of ‘Bigg Boss’.

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