The building where the CM arrived to inaugurate the two ribbons, BJP said – that’s why Nitish is called rubber stamp Chief Minister

BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal has once again attacked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. On Saturday, Sanjay Jaiswal shared a post on Facebook and wrote that JDU National President Lalan Singh ji is getting Honorable Nitish ji to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Phulpur. Although the honorable ji does not have the courage to contest elections outside Nalanda anywhere in Bihar, but if the prime minister’s dream is to be dreamed, then he must contest from Phulpur.

In his post, Sanjay Jaiswal has further written that in Bihar, it is now the status of Honorable Nitish ji that the ribbon of two inaugurations is kept on the building he goes to inaugurate. The upper ribbon is cut by Tejashwi ji and the lower ribbon comes in Nitish ji’s share. This will be the first event in history that when a building is inaugurated by the Chief Minister, the other minister of that department should inaugurate it by cutting the ribbon. Still I am asked that why do I call honorable Nitish ji as rubber stamp Chief Minister.

Will Nitish contest Lok Sabha elections from UP’s Phulpur or Mirzapur? Lalan Singh gave this answer

JD(U) national president Lalan Singh said on Saturday that it was up to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s wish as to where he would like to contest the next Lok Sabha elections. Apart from UP, he is constantly getting offers from many other states to contest elections. Lalan Singh may not have accepted the possibility of Nitish Kumar contesting from the Phulpur Lok Sabha seat in Uttar Pradesh but is not ruling it out either. He said that the party workers of Phulpur and Mirzapur also want Nitish Kumar to contest the Lok Sabha elections from their constituencies.

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