The biggest deception of the doctor was revealed, the ‘father’ of 94 children turned out to be

Many times it happens when even the famous doctors come in the headlines due to their wrong actions. One such shocking case has come to light when the black deeds of a fertility doctor have come to the fore. All this happened when a film was made on the doctor, then the secret of the doctor has come to the fore. This doctor turned out to be the father of 94 children.

Actually, this incident is related to an American doctor. According to a report in The Metro, the doctor’s name is Donald Kline. He used to put his sperm in the patients coming to his place. All this he used to do when he used to make patients unconscious. This doctor used to do such work without informing the female patients.

The surprising thing is that this act of the doctor was revealed by his own daughter. The name of the doctor’s daughter is Jacoba Belaid. According to the report, Jacoba herself has told about this in the documentary made on the doctor. Another woman has also made revelations talking about the doctor’s actions.

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According to the report, the woman told that I did not even know and all this happened during the treatment by Doctor Kline. However, this incident happened many years ago when the doctor did this work in the name of treatment. According to the provisions of that time, he had not broken any criminal law. A fine of only about 40 thousand rupees was collected from him. But now that a film was made on him, he once came into the news.