Tamil Nadu News: What is the problem in learning Hindi? Madras High Court reprimanded Tamil Nadu government, petition was against education policy

Chennai: The Madras High Court has reprimanded the Tamil Nadu government. The High Court said, ‘What is the harm in learning Hindi? Many people lose central government jobs because of not knowing Hindi. The court said that what is the difficulty in making Hindi a third language in educational institutions? Some people had filed a PIL in the High Court against the implementation of the National Education Policy 2022 in Tamil Nadu. The first bench of the High Court heard this. The bench consisted of Acting Chief Justice (ACJ) M N Bhandari and Justice P D Audikesvalu.

Public prosecutor argued
Tamil Nadu Advocate General R Shunmugasundaram said that the Tamil Nadu government follows a two-language policy and not a three-language policy. If the three-language policy is followed, there will be more burden on the students. He also said that no one has been stopped from learning Hindi in the state. There are organizations like Hindi Prachar Sabha where one can learn Hindi.

High Court seeks reply in four weeks
On the plea of ​​Advocate General, the court said that learning is different from teaching. The court has then sought a response from the state government within 4 weeks on a petition filed by Cuddalore’s Arjunan Alayaraja.

The petitioner kept this side
According to the petitioner, merely learning the mother tongue of a person would not be helpful. The language has to go along with other Indian languages, especially Hindi and Sanskrit. The authorities should make concerted efforts to implement the NEP, the constitutional mandate and the directions of the Supreme Court.

‘Can’t get jobs due to lack of Hindi’
The High Court observed that qualified persons from Tamil Nadu are unable to find jobs in North India due to lack of Hindi knowledge. The Acting Chief Justice said, “There is no difficulty in getting a job in the state of Tamil Nadu as the candidates are well versed in the local language (Tamil), but outside the state they will face difficulty.” The ACJ said Tamil and English are already there. I think adding a third language (Hindi) will not be harmful.

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