Switching from Whatsapp to Signal? These 5 tips and tricks will be useful

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In protest against Whatsapp’s new policy, a large number of users are creating their account on Signal App. This is the reason why it became a signal top free app by beating WhatsApp on the Apple App Store in India. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also advised his followers to use the signal. Signal is considered one of the safest apps in the world in terms of privacy. In such a situation, if you are also going to make your account on this, then here we are telling you 5 such tips and tricks which can prove to be useful for you.

1. Set screen lock
Screen Lock has a feature on Signal. This means that you have to enter a PIN or use a biometric lock to use this app. That is, even if you unlock your phone and give it to someone, it will not be able to use the signal app without your will. To enable this feature, go to Settings, then go to Privacy and turn on Screen Lock.

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2. Turn off the Join Signal Notification
Like Telegram, this setting has also been given on the Signal app that whenever you create an account on your contact Signal app, you get a notification. Such notifications can be annoying at times. In such a situation, it would be better to keep this setting closed. For this, you will have to go to Settings and go to Notifications and then turn off the Contact Joined Signal feature.

3. Blur face in photo
Due to privacy, while sending the picture many times, we do not want the face to be shown in it. In such a situation, we have to blur that face by editing the photo. This feature has already been given to save your hard work and time in Signal app. While sending the picture you get ‘Automatic Face Blur Tool’. For this, tap on the + sign, tap on the picture you want to send, then tap the Blur button. You can draw the part you want to blur.

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4. Send dispatching message
WhatsApp recently introduced the disappearing messages feature. However it comes on the signal much earlier. Messages sent through this feature disappear on their own after a time limit. This also keeps your privacy. To use it, open the chat in the signal. Now tap on the name of the contact and go to Disappearing Messages. Now you can set a time limit of your choice.

5. Set Attachment View Limit
Another amazing feature comes on the signal. You can set whether you have sent two photos or videos that are viewed only once and then deleted. That is, the person in front may see that file after one week, but can see it only once. This is slightly different from the Disappearing Message feature. To use it, tap on the + sign, tap on the picture you want to send. Now tap on the infinity icon (∞) at the bottom left.