Suspicious death of pop star who sang song like ‘Ka Ba’ in Russia, brother and friend missing

Suspicious death of pop star who sang song like ‘Ka Ba’ in Russia, brother and friend missing

Russian pop star Dima Nova, who has been critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his songs, has died by drowning in the Volga River under suspicious circumstances. Dima Nova, 34, composed a song against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that became a national anthem during anti-war protests, Newsweek reported.

Dima Nova also formed a group called Cream Soda. The young pop star also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged $1.3 billion mansion in his song. Dima also mentioned the internal situation in Russia in his songs.

Nova’s song “Aqua Disco” was often sung in protest against Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The song became so popular that the protest against the war was then called the “Aqua Disco Party”.

Russian news website PeopleTalk reported that Dima Nova fell through the ice while crossing Russia’s Volga River in the Yaroslavl region. Reports said he was accompanied by his brother Roma and two friends at the time of the accident.

Pop group Cream Soda shared a post on Instagram announcing the death of Dima Nova. “A tragedy happened to us last night. Dima Nova was walking with friends in the Volga River but suddenly fell under the ice,” the group wrote. The Emergencies Ministry is still looking for his brother Roma and friend Goshi Kiselev The second friend, Aristarchus, who fell under the ice, was pulled out but could not be saved. We will update you as soon as we have information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.”

The group also posted photos of Dima Nova and his friend Kiselev, with the caption “Today at 9:00 an official identification took place. Dima and Goshi are no more.”

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